La Leche League

Earlier this week, I started following the blog of my local La Leche League.  I had always meant to go, but I never got around to it.  I’m not sure why, it is right up my alley.

So, this week when I saw that the meeting was going to be today, I instantly wanted to go.  Not only because I am now pumping my milk, but because deep down I think I wanted to know if I could sit in a room with a bunch of babies and keep it together.

Because my story is a little different than other nursing/pumping women, and I truly didn’t want to be the downer of the meeting, I emailed the chapter leader to see if it would be okay if I came.  I didn’t want to intrude with my sad story of my son, but I really needed the support of other women.  Even if that meant I had to be around adorable little new babies, I was okay with that.

She emailed me back, asked some questions about my pumping and if I needed help, and then told me they would love to have me there.  One women even pumped and donated for months, so I had an instant need to attend this group.

I had my friend Brenda come with me for support, and the instant I walked in the room today for the meeting I knew it would be okay.  There were tiny babies in carseats, toddlers playing with toys, and inbetween babies scooting or crawling around.

Once quite a few people were there we went around and introduced ourselves and our kids.  It came around to me, I introduced myself, told them about Glade, and that I went into premature labor with my son at 14 weeks a week ago, my milk came in Sunday and I am now pumping to donate to a family that needs it.  I didn’t cry, though I did stutter a bit, and then it was done.  We moved onto Brenda and then finished, and that was that.

Sitting on the other side of us was a mom with her two month old twins, a boy and a girl.  Brenda took care of the girl while the mom fed the boy, and then I took the boy while the mom fed the girl haha.  The twins were born at home, both weighing over nine pounds.  They are so adorable!  I felt my heart break a little when I was holding this little boy, and my breasts filled with milk instantly when he cried, but it was so wonderful.  He is a very chill little boy, or was at the meeting haha, and it healed my heart a little bit.

At the meeting we talked about nutrition and weaning, and it was interesting hearing all the different takes on when people fed their children solids or why or when they weaned.

However, I do think that there was some bad advice given about rice cereal in baby bottles that wasn’t corrected.  I am all for parenting how you parent, but telling another mom that rice cereal in a bottle makes a baby sleep longer and isn’t bad for them just gets my hackles up.  Just thinking about it now gives me the willies.

It was an amazing meeting though.  We have them twice a month here, and I am positive I am going to them for at least how long I am pumping.  Just seeing the babies nursing made me feel okay.  Even if it was just for that hour.

If you have a La Leche League group in your area and can go, I strongly recommend you do!  Not only will you get support if you are nursing or pumping, but you get to meet other moms.  And that is where the true support comes from.


3 Responses

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t correct the rice cereal thing. I know I’ve heard, “Rice cereal has not been shown to help babies sleep” a few times at LLL in the past.

    Our meeting is next week and I’m really excited to go. I even have questions ready to ask!

    I think this October will mark 3 years since going to LLL for the first time. Wow. I love LLL. 🙂

  2. Im surprised they didn’t correct it either.. we’ve been going two years now. It such an amazing group

  3. I always correct rice cereal advice at LLL meetings–maybe it just got away from them!

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