My Must Have Pumping Items – Bamboobies

*** Before I start, I want to say that to breastfeed, you truly don’t need anything besides breasts!  Everything else is gravy.  Same for pumping.  You don’t even really need a pump if you are able to manually express.  These are just products that were donated to me, and I decided to do reviews on them because of their generosity and how much I loved all the products.  I am doing these reviews on my own, and received no monetary compensation or anything besides their selfless donation to me in my need for items. ***

One thing I knew when after Glade and when I started becoming more “crunchy” was that I didn’t want to use disposable nursing pads with my next baby.  I wanted reusables.  Wool, cotton, bamboo.  I wanted them all.

With Glade I had to use maxi pads because I leaked so heavily.  I was a milk making machine.  This time is a little different.  I leak a little during the day, but overnight, when I don’t pump as often or at all, I have to have a very thick pad so I don’t soak the bed.

Bamboobies donated two of their regular pads, and one set of overnights to me to help me as I pumped, and even just taking them out of the bag I was amazed at how soft they are!

My nipples felt like everything touching them was barbed wire, so I tenderly placed the regular bamboobies in my shirt, and I was amazed at how smooth they felt, even against my nipples that I was sure looked like raw meat.  It felt good!

My favorite part about the regular bamboobies is the bamboo, which is incredibly soft, but it is also anti-microbial, which is great if you have sores, cracks, or even just tender nipples.  Anything to stave off infection is perfect with me!

Another great thing to Bamboobies, is that the more you wash them, the softer they get!  I have had mine for almost two weeks and have washed them twice, and I can already feel the difference.  I cannot wait for them to get softer with time.  They are already like silk, any softer will be amazing!

I also really really love that Bamboobies are handmade by a mother of two in Colorado!  It makes them that much more special and perfect since they were made by a mom for moms.

After about a week of pumping, I noticed my supply was going up and I needed something thicker to pump with.

Enter Overnight Bamboobies!

They are thicker, and bigger for those first months of nursing before your supply evens out, plus, they are great for nights or days when you just need that little extra.  I can wear these all night, and won’t leak out of them, and for me that is HUGE.  I don’t pump after I go to bed, so I need something that would hold in 10+ ounces of milk until I got up the next morning.  And these did the trick!

They are soft, made of really soft fleece and bamboo and they hold a lot, plus, are really soft on sore nipples.  Soft is a huge thing for me.  Even if you have nursed or pumped before, until your nipples get used to it, they can feel like they were chopped into pieces and when something rough touches them you want to jump out of your skin.  These are great for those moments, and help sooth the hurt, so you can relax.

Both the regular and the overnights are so perfect for those looking for washable nursing pads.  So soft (as I have mentioned a lot haha), but they are very easy to wash, to use, and even with the overnight Bamboobies, I haven’t had any trouble with them showing through my shirt like other pads.  They help keep my leaks contained, all the while soothing my really sore nipples.

If you are looking for nursing pads, even if you think you want disposables, I highly recommend Bamboobies!  You will not regret it!


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