My Must Have Pumping Items – Earth Mama Angel Baby

*** Before I start, I want to say that to breastfeed, you truly don’t need anything besides breasts!  Everything else is gravy.  Same for pumping.  You don’t even really need a pump if you are able to manually express.  These are just products that were donated to me, and I decided to do reviews on them because of their generosity and how much I loved all the products.  I am doing these reviews on my own, and received no monetary compensation or anything besides their selfless donation to me in my need for items. ***

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a company a lot of people in the birth world hear about and recommend more than any other.  They have things from Pregnancy to Baby and even have things for Baby Loss.  Their products are all certified organic and vegan, meaning in this growingly green world, every family can use their products.

When they heard I was pumping to donate, they eagerly offered to send me some of the products.  They asked me what I needed, and by that point I only needed some nipple cream, so they offered to send their Nipple Butter.

I received the package, and opened the box of nipple butter and it smelled delicious!  The Nipple Butter is made of organic olive oil, organic calendula extract, organic cocoa butter, organic shae butter, candelilla wax, and mango butter, all of which make it non-greasy, smell great, soothing, and healing.

Within seconds of putting it on, my nipples had zero pain.  With other creams I had, there were little twinges left or pokes and pains, but with this nipple butter, all pain just disappeared!

When I ended up getting the sore on my nipple last week, I would rub breastmilk on it and let it dry, and then slathered it with this nipple butter.  In two days it was gone, and there was no soreness left over.  This stuff is like magic!

They also sent me a box of their Organic Milkmaid Tea!

I had my first cup of it yesterday (I don’t want to drink too much because my supply is going up enough on its own haha) and it was delicious.  I add a little honey to my tea, and it was just to die for!  The ingredients of this one are organic fennel, organic fenugreek, orgranic red raspberry leaf, organic stinging nettle, organic spearmint leaf, organic orange peel, organic anise seed, organic caraway seed, and organic alfalfa leaf.  I use most of those in my own tea mixes, and the mix they made was absolutely delicious.

Since I only drank it yesterday, and only the one cup, I don’t know if it built my supply more (I hope not haha) but it would be cool if it did, just from that one cup a day.  Plus, I love that it is caffeine free, which is one thing that is important to me while pumping.  Now, I don’t know any more milk or milkmaid tea that has caffeine, but I love that “Caffeine Free” is written on the box.

Most the more milk teas I have smelled, all smell like black licorice to me, which isn’t very appealing (to me at least) but Milkmaid Tea doesn’t have that strong smell.  This one actually smells so good, which is a big deal to me!

They also sent me their Healing Heart Comfort Kit.

I pulled this out of the box and I knew this would help me to be able to calm down if I needed it or give me that extra boost when I was feeling down.

This kit contains:

Healing Heart Mist

Seeds of Hope

Light of My Heart Candle

and Harmony Tea.

We are waiting until payday to get a pot to plant the seeds, but I have tried everything else.  The tea is amazing.  To me, it tastes and smells like apple cider (I think it is because of the ginger) and I can’t get enough of it.  The candle helps me calm down.  And I spray just a little of the mist right before I pump, and it calms me down enough for me to relax and pump for 20 minutes.  It is like my own personal area when I spray it.

If you have lost a baby, or know someone that has, this is a great set to give yourself or gift to them.  It helps me become more centered, and relaxed and right now that is one of the best things for me.

Earth Mama Angel Baby also has a sister site – Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort.  I have found a lot of great information on this site that has helped me.

I am *in love* with Earth Mama Angel Baby products.  Not only do they have things for everyone, but their customer service is incredible.  They are a selfless company that makes products for every family.  No matter your situation, or what you need, they probably have something that fits what you are looking for.

I recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby to everyone!  You will not be disappointed!


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  1. We were all so moved by your post. You’re the one who deserves the gratitude, for the truly heroic act of loving kindness for donating your milk. It’s above and beyond and you have our forever respect and gratitude.

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