My Must Have Pumping Items – Mama Goddess Birth Shop

*** Before I start, I want to say that to breastfeed, you truly don’t need anything besides breasts!  Everything else is gravy.  Same for pumping.  You don’t even really need a pump if you are able to manually express.  These are just products that were donated to me, and I decided to do reviews on them because of their generosity and how much I loved all the products.  I am doing these reviews on my own, and received no monetary compensation or anything besides their selfless donation to me in my need for items. ***

Another great company that sent me items is Mama Goddess Birth Shop.  They sent me:

and also their calming spritzer.

Their Nourishing The Nursing Mother Tea is absolutely incredible!  It contains Nettles, Red Raspberry, Fennel, Anise, and Orange Peels, and I am amazed how well they fit together.  It is one of my very favorite teas I have ever drank.  I don’t have supply issues, but it does bump up my supply a little bit if I drink a cup of it, and I only have a cup of it a dy with dinner.  I bet it would help a lot if you drank more than that a day.

I do believe it is the orange peel that makes the tea so absolutely delicious.  I have started making a big batch of this and keeping it in my fridge in a pitcher, and heating it when I want a cup.  It has made my fridge smell absolutely delicious, plus, I don’t have to wait for the tea to heat and then steep.

It is truly by far my favorite tea.  I think I will cry when I run out ::wink::.

They also sent me the calming spritzer.  It contains purified water, lavender, roman chamomile and rose geranium essential oil and also witch hazel.  I spray it around the room before I pump, and it gives me a calm, and now if I smell it, I let down.  Definitely just proves breasts are awesome!

This company also provides tons of supplies for pregnancy, birth, and beyond, and I love cruising their website just to see things I want.  It is truly an amazing company!


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