The Amazing Placenta!

***There are pictures of a placenta in this post, do not read if you don’t like them as much as I do ;)***

The midwife I work with and my friend had her baby this week, and I was planning on encapsulating her placenta for her :).

After a day of an amazing nurse tracking down where it was, and then having to tell the nurse I picked it up from that I wasn’t going to clone babies with it, I finally got a giant red bag (that I could have fit in) that had a container with the placenta, which was in two zip lock bags inside this container.  They weren’t taking any chances with this “biohazard”.

The placenta is by far one of my very favorite organs.  It makes hormones, keeps a baby alive, and then comes out after birth and you don’t die.  I mean, how is that *not* exciting?!  Even my three year old was fascinated and helped me with everything I did!

So, I took it home and put it in pills for her, and here is a bit of a picture blog 🙂

The Placenta before I cleaned it off (though I had cut off the amniotic sac before I took this)

Print I did with blue and green paint (not the best, but I still like it!)

Cut up and ready to bake! To me, this just looks like steak haha


Grinding it into powder (yes, that is Glade’s hand, she loved helping!)

Putting it into pills (she bought me a capsulator thing, which made it so I capsuled 145 pills in about 30 minutes!)


And voila! 145 pills to ingest to help with baby blues, hormones, milk production, and so much more!