My Midwife

My brother and sister in law gave me this poem for Christmas (so I don’t know author or anything, but it’s beautiful) 🙂

My Midwife

The first hands to touch me to break my first fall
The first hands to lovingly guide me forwards
Before any other, to touch my soft skin
The first helping hand brought me out from within

A hand never forceful, but there if I need it
Such delicate patience and love to preceed me
Lovingly keeping watch, as I first bloom
Calm, steady presence holds firm in the room

Keeping my mother, smoothing her through
Angelic and graceful, that’s just all you
Discreet yet so present whatever may be
Troubles or calm, I know you’ve got me

This time like no other, we’re given to you
In love, complete trust I know we’ll get through
For you are the light, the grace we can see
The strong, able presence in our hour of need

All my trust you have forever and more
All my love you’ll have far beyond
We are connected as only can be
A saviour, an angel, my midwife and me


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